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The Mission: a budget-conscious web presence that showcases the unique personality of a locally owned business among national competitors.

In the two years leading up to the website project, The Annapolitan underwent a change in management and philosophy. Their website needed a complete overhaul to reflect those changes: new design, new content, and a strategy to draw in prospective customers. In a market populated with national senior care facility chains with big budgets for websites, this locally owned facility offered PurpleHat Designs the opportunity to show what smart design and flexibility can do.

The Solution: Flexible design, great content, ongoing collaboration.

PurpleHat Designs created a website that is both visually appealing and rich in information that industry competitors often do not provide, such as fees and up to date event calendars. The site is populated by content based on paper collaterals that had been working well for the business, re-mixed and made web-friendly. Using a mix of stock photography and The Annapolitan’s own photos (some of which came right from PurpleHat’s camera after a meeting!) helped keep the budget in check, and lends to the unique and local feel of the website. One of The Annapolitan’s many strengths is their activities program, so a page for events and activities that is easily updated by the staff keeps this site fresh and interesting to visitors.

And how did those visitors find the site? A combination of search engine optimization and paid ads doubled traffic on the site in just a few months. Careful monitoring of analytics data in collaboration with the management of The Annapolitan has resulted in smart enhancements to the website, like the addition of entire pages of information based on terms visitors search for once they reach the site site. Great content is keeping visitors on the site longer and getting them through the door.


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