Professional Content the PurpleHat Way

A great looking site will get attention. Great content will keep your customers – and search engines – interested.

Have you ever been on website with content that read like this?

Welcome to ABC Widgetizing Services! We are the number one Baltimore Widgetizing Service in Baltimore…

A search engine will figure out that it should display this site if someone searches for Baltimore Widgetizing. But if you’re a person, it’s a lot of words, and not much information.


Good content makes it easy for your customers to find you, and keeps them interested.

Good content draws your customers in, makes them feel welcome, and offers exactly the information they need, with confidence and authority, all while getting the message to search engines that you’re just what customers are looking for. Good writing for the web takes finesse, and with over ten years experience in writing marketing and promotional materials, professional writing, and writing for the web, PurpleHat Designs will create content that keeps everyone’s attention. Start from scratch with brand new content, or incorporate existing brochures and other materials. PurpleHat Designs works with you to send the right message about your business to search engines and the customers who are looking for you.

New content keeps you visible and relevant.

Great, NEW content keeps search engines and customers interested. PurpleHat Designs can create or edit regular, new content for your site’s blog, and distribute it web-wide.


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